Financial tech company SRAX Inc. announced the release of an investor relations feature on Sequire, the online investor intelligence and communications platform built by the Westlake Village company.

The new feature provides small public companies with the option to create and customize their own investor relations website on the Sequire platform. The technology automatically fills in the company’s management and financial information on the website. Companies can also manually add and edit information in addition to toggling sections and customizing the appearance of their content.

“We are adding new features to the Sequire platform all the time, and the ability for issuers to launch their own investor relations websites is a tool that every public company needs. We look forward to helping our clients launch these sites, or transition their existing sites to the platform,” Christopher Miglino, SRAX’s chief executive, said in a statement. “Integrating the data that is obtained on these sites into the Sequire platform helps drive investor awareness and engagement.”

Shares of SRAX (SRAX) closed up 16 cents, or more than 2.5 percent, to $6.23 on the Nasdaq Monday, a day when the market closed up a fraction of a percent.