Carlos Camargo started Olé Copiers in 2014 with business partner Alex Payne after working in his industry for 20 years. Despite the sound of the company’s name, the company doesn’t make copies for customers. In Camargo’s words, “we don’t have a retail store or cash register.”  He describes Ole’s core business as “document life cycle services. When a page comes out of your printer, we can convert hard copy to scan documents, help you manage it through cloud services. We do offsite storage. We provide shredding and telecommunications.”  Camargo, who has a business degree from California State University –  Northridge, noted that while some of his clients had to close during the pandemic, Olé Copiers managed to stay open as an essential service.  “I’m cautiously optimistic,” Camargo said. “I do feel we’re in the tail end of the (pandemic). I feel that we’re on the right track.” 

What inspired you to start your business? 

I felt that a lot of small- and medium-sized businesses were overspending on technology. I worked at Canon and Ricoh. The Canons and Xeroxes are way too expensive. (Customers) just need reliable equipment and fast service and I felt that those were key metrics where we could really impact. And cost reduction. And it worked out. 


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