Capstone Green Energy Corp. announced this week it received an order for a three-bay microturbine system from a natural gas utility company in Colombia.

The microturbines will be installed for power and cooling at an office complex for Llanogas, a natural gas utility in Colombia.

The microturbines will be part of a system to cool multiple buildings. Cold water is produced in a central location and distributed to office buildings and factories through insulated underground pipes, offering an efficient way to cool them. The Capstone microturbines will power the cooling system.
The order for the three-bay C400 Signature series microturbines was secured by Supernova Energy Services, the Van Nuys green energy products manufacturer’s exclusive distributor in Colombia and Venezuela.

“This will be an iconic project in the city of Villavicencio, it being the first dedicated office complex with the capacity to provide cooling for several adjacent buildings,” said Nestor Moseres, president of Supernova Energy Services.

The announcement of the order was made Wednesday. On Thursday, shares of Capstone (CGRN) closed down 10 cents, or almost 2 percent, to $5.47 on the Nasdaq, on a day when that market closed up a fraction of a percent.