Bill Miranda, mayor of Santa Clarita, recently self-published his second book, “A New Kind of Mayor,” about his life’s journey from growing up in the inner city of New York to becoming the first Latino mayor of his city. His Puerto Rican heritage land experience as a business consultant prepared him for a career of servant leadership, he said, and set him apart from traditional political figures. He worked as an executive at IBM and Xerox Corp. before starting his consulting firm in Santa Clarita. He also founded Bill Miranda Leadership Forum to develop Latino entrepreneurs.

Question: What kinds of COVID policies do you favor related to businesses and stimulating the economy recovery? 

Answer: If we start with restaurants, because that seems to be the most talked about issue during COVID and in our town, we have to allow them to have the ability to sustain themselves. And if you’re not going to allow indoor dining, you have to allow outdoor dining. A lot of the restaurants have lost a ton of money. They’re in debt up to their necks. We help them by letting them have those tents out for a longer period of time, even when indoor dining is allowed. 


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