Dietary supplement manufacturer Lief Labs announced a recapitalization through partnerships with investors Prairie Capital, Skyline Global Partners and S2G Ventures.

The Valencia-based company’s partnerships will allow for investments and advisory resources alongside Lief management to support company growth. Lief’s growth priorities include supply chain management, technology innovation and customer service resources.

The new partnerships will not disrupt the current executive and management structure. Chief Executive Adel Villalobos will continue to serve his position. Prairie Capital, Skyline Global Partners and S2G Ventures are now members of Lief’s new governance board. The partners will also be involved in advisory board meetings.

“The depth of expertise that each of our new partners brings to the table will lend tremendous reinforcement to Lief’s already strong executive team in leading our company forward,” Villalobos said in a statement. “The valuable recapitalization investments will also enable Lief to achieve new levels of success and innovation for our organization, and for the clients and brands we serve.”

Lief Labs said in a statement that it is positioned to benefit from the momentum behind the dietary supplement market, which will grow its contract manufacturing business and brand-building services for clients. Further growth, the company said, is expected to come from its raw materials and ingredients division and its True Stock inventory management program.