Wesco 2020 Plan En Route to Higher Revenues

AEROSPACE: Analyst sees year of heavy investment followed by benefits.

Wesco Aircraft plan leads to higher revenues.

Hotel Room Luxury

MANUFACTURING: As chains upgrade, furniture maker caters to travelers’ contemporary tastes.

Carson Norcross builds luxury hotel furniture.

Cal Lutheran Greenlights Film Program

Faculty cites proximity to Hollywood, alumni support as strengths.

Cal Lutheran rolls out new film, TV program.


Peer Group Provides Comfort Zone for CEOs

Peer group for CEOs.

Makeover for Break Room

FOOD SERVICE: Micro markets replace vending machines.

Micro markets take place of vending machines.

Online Sellers Buying Robots

TECHNOLOGY: Warehouses integrate humans, automation.

Ecommerce gravitates to robot maker.

Hunt for Industrial Moves North by Northwest

Real Estate Quarterly

Colliers International’s first-quarter data suggest the Tri-Cities office market is holding steady as tenants seeking industrial real estate move north and west where more product, land and labor is available.

Warner Bros. Seeks ‘Old Hollywood Splendor’

Real Estate Quarterly

Warner Bros. Entertainment will celebrate its major anniversary by reconfiguring the map of filmed entertainment capital Burbank.

E-Receipt Bill Vexes Vendors

RETAIL: Proposed state law poses security, logistical problems.

New law would eliminate paper receipts.


Private Banker Skips School for Dodgers Game

Private Banker Skips School for Dodgers Game

Economy Pushes Up American Homes 4 Rent

HOUSING: Analyst predicts 5 percent increase in funds from operations this year.

Economics help American Homes 4 Rent.

Digital Age Porn

The Valley still hosts adult entertainment, but productions are faster, simpler and designed for online distribution.

Adult content production remains in Valley.

Santa Clarita Program Offers Teacher Discounts

MARKETING: National movie theater, restaurant chains access educators.

Merchants sign up for I Love Teachers.

Standup a Profitable Center at Comedy Dynamics

DISTRIBUTION: Firm handled all Grammy-nominated laugh tracks last year.

Comedy Dynamics believes in standup.

Medical Explorers Investigate Careers at Kaiser

EDUCATION: Field trips teach about job titles beyond nurse and doctor.

How Kaiser supports Medical Explorers.

Housing Brokers See Buyer’s Market on Horizon

LIST: High-end properties wait for offers; lower-cost homes keep on selling.

Up-and-down market for residential brokers.


News and notes from the greater San Fernando Valley

News and notes from the greater San Fernando Valley

Scooters: Annoying or Reassuring?

Why e-scooters are good.

Here’s How Privacy Law Will Hurt

VICA LOCAL UPDATE: The Business Perspective on Valley Issues

How privacy law will hurt businesses.

StretchLab’s Clients Can Tame Tension

Assisted stretching appeals to multiple market segments.

StretchLab appeals to exercise crowd.

Vertical Pot Startup

MANAGEMENT: Investors pour $58 million into building out a cannabis conglomerate.

Comprehensive approach to pot production funding.

Scale Up in a Hurry

With its technology in demand and VC firms eager to invest, ServiceTitan must manage growth on multiple fronts.

ServiceTitan leaders manage on the run.

Why Can’t I Just Be a Contractor?

Independent contractors should have flexibility.

Inland Empire Forming Up North

Tejon Ranch is a new Inland Empire.