Laurence Darmiento


Laurence was named editor of San Fernando Valley Business Journal in November 2012. He came from the Los Angeles Business Journal, where he was managing editor since January 2006. He had been at the newspaper five years before then as assistant managing editor and a reporter who covered the health care industry. He has worked at the Los Angeles Daily News, San Gabriel Tribune and other media outlets covering numerous beats, including the environment, politics and the courts.

Raised in suburban New York City, he received a B.A. in Philosophy from Cornell University and attended journalism graduate school at Louisiana State University. His work has been recognized by the Society of American Business Editors and Writers, the Alliance of Area Business Publications and the Los Angeles Press Club.

Laurence can be reached at 818-316-3125, or by email at

Phone: 818-676-1750

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Merger Mania Clobbers Valley

Health Net loss, awards, farewell.

The Number

Howloud can give you a noise index rating for your home or business.

Measuring the Developer’s Index

Does Gov. Jerry Brown know something that the majority of economists don’t?

Reinventing Southern California

Reinventing paradise.

The Valley’s Ink Blot Economy

Let’s call the sudden departure of Superior Industries International Inc. the latest economic Rorschach test for worriers about the Valley’s and L.A.’s economic future.

Mickey Mouse to House Bet

Feeling sorry for Walt Disney.

Playing a Very Rough Sport

We all know what ultimately drives developers – or at least what accounts for their willingness to endure all sorts of abuse heaped on them from critics: money.

Disney Bets $250 Million on Sports Gambling Site

Walt Disney Co. is getting into the sports-betting business with a $250 million investment in Boston startup DraftKings Inc., according to media reports on Friday.

Heraclitus in the Valley

Ever heard the old saying “you can’t step in the same river twice?” Probably, and for good reason.

A Crash Course in Safety

Building more trust in the Metrolink system.

Just Go Ahead and Swipe

Data breach? Who really cares

Bob Iger’s ‘Frozen’ Gusher

Is Bob Iger deserving of his “excessive” pay?

The Number

Valley home sales slowed last year.

A Ride on the Circus Train

From the Newsroom: High-speed rail requires high-gear politicking.

The Number

The Number: Passenger counts rise, but don’t soar, at Bob Hope Airport.

A Millennium of Debt

From the Newsroom: Worrisome student debt.

The Number

The Number: Bill Watkins thinks voters stymie growth in Ventura County.

The Number

The Number: Apartment owners expect a year of upgrades in 2015.

The Anti-Top Ten List

From the Newsroon: The Anti-Top Ten List looks back at some standout stories in the Valley.

Hearst Buys Stake in AwesomenessTV

Hearst Corp. has acquired a 25 percent interest in DreamWorks Animation SKG’s AwesomenessTV for $81.3 million, strengthening an online partnership in the YouTube network, the companies announced on Thursday.

House Passes Soledad Canyon Mine Bill

Federal legislation to block the opening of a sand-and-gravel mine in the Santa Clarita Valley took a big step forward on Thursday when the House unanimously passed a bill on the issue.

Indian Firm Buys Natrol Assets from Bankruptcy

Natrol Inc., a Chatworth maker of vitamins and supplements in bankruptcy, has sold most of its assets to an Indian generic drug maker for $133 million plus assumed liabilities, the company announced Monday.

The Number

The Number: A new report finds L.A. and Orange counties are leaders in advanced transportation technologies.

Small Investors Make a Play

Editor: Second Sight’s oversight; Nazarian’s help for the middle class

The Number

The Number: Voter turnout reached an historic low for the Nov. 4 election.

An Election That’s Not Over

From the newsroom: A sudden crash to Earth.

Winners and Losers at Amgen

It was almost inevitable.

Everyone Was Not On Board

Editor: A case study on Kinkisharyo.

The Number

The Number: It’s not easy forecasting growth in the Valley, even for economist Bill Roberts.

Pumping Up the Political Muscle

Editor: Does the Valley have political muscle?

The Number

The Number: Three reports look at the effects of raising wages for hotel workers.

Can the Valley Score in Futbol?

From the Newsroom: Scoring MLS in the Valley.

Jump On the Bullet Train?

From the Newsroom: Skepticism wanes for high-speed rail.

Not So Young Anymore

From the Newsroom: Baby boomers need to face reality.

Who Will Do the Heavy Lifting?

Editor: Nobody wants to make stuff anymore.

An Old Game in Modern Times

From the newsroom: Football’s uncertain future

Let’s Get On Board

From the Newsroom: Business leaders may be gung ho on bringing more light rail to the Valley. Much easier said than done.

Making an Unwanted Splash

Editor: Can submarine cars and space tourism help us forget painful reality?

Trumpeter All Tuned Up For Charity

Burbank player running 75 miles for area cancer group.

Non-Profits: Roy Wiegand takes a run at cancer to raise funds for his son’s lost friend.

Turkeys at the Multiplex

Editor: False promises at the multiplex.

Who Needs Silicon Valley?

From the newsroom

Editor: Public companies, parking tickets and cartoons.

Ikea and the Sierra Snowpack

From the Newsroom: Global warming and CEQA.

Making the World a Better Place

Alfred Mann, true genius.

Something in the Desert Air?

From the Newsroom

Editor: Lancaster Mayor Rex Parris and KB Home show how to collarborate.

Calming Rough Seas

From the Newsroom

I don’t know whether to congratulate or feel sympathy for Gordon Ho.

A Lesson Not Learned

Editor: A lesson not learned.

Tease photo

Rising From the Rubble

Editor: Northridge Earthquake, 20 years later.

Tease photo

Laughing and Crying in the Valley

Editor: New Year’s laments.

Tease photo

A Life (Still) Worth Living

Editor: The mortality of journalists, both literal and figurative.

Don’t Do the Dirty Work

Editor: Fastest growing lessons.