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Women of Influence: Attorneys 2022 – Karen M. Bray

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Karen M. Bray
Managing Partner
Horvitz & Levy LLP

Clients and trial counsel often leverage Karen Bray’s proficiency in identifying and preserving issues for potential appellate review. In that capacity, she has assisted trial counsel in a vast array of cases with summary judgment motions, motions in limine, jury instructions, trial briefs, verdict forms, and post-trial motions. She has also represented clients embroiled in complex appeals involving a variety of torts, Proposition 213’s bar against recovery of noneconomic damages by uninsured motorists, discovery sanctions, Proposition 51 and fault apportionment, punitive damages, breach of contract, insurance coverage and bad faith, default judgments, premises liability, and evolving law concerning the evidence admissible and the amount recoverable for medical expense damages.

Clients also rely on Bray to provide candid assessments concerning the likelihood of securing relief on appeal, allowing them to realistically evaluate when settlement will be in their best interests.

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