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2023 Valley Economic Forecast RECAP


The San Fernando Valley Journal was excited to host the 2023 Valley Economic Forecast breakfast event on Wednesday morning, March 8th at the Orchard Conference Center
at CSUN.

The live, in-person event featured two packed and lively panel discussions with leading experts on the hottest topics on the minds of Valley area business leaders. The conversations offered an insightful look back on the unprecedented challenges and silver linings of the past couple of years while providing a deep dive into the economic trends we are facing moving forward in 2023. Our outstanding group of panelists examined the issues as they shared their insights, experiences and predictions on a broad array of issues.

The panels this year focused on the hot-button topics of the workplace and current issues employers face; access to housing and affordability; and access to capital and business consultancy. Two roundtable style discussions took place with expert insights and analysis about the impact current trends are likely to have on the overall economic climate.

The first panel, moderated by San Fernando Valley Business Journal editor-in-chief Charles Crumpley, featured a spirited discussion containing shared knowledge from Roberto Barragan, managing director of ICON CDC; Tamara Gurney, president and CEO of Mission Valley Bank; Jonathan Fraser Light, managing attorney at LightGabler; and John Parker, co-founder and executive officer of Parker Brown.

Each of the experts weighed in on a variety of hot issues and talking points, including:
• The future of Valley-based business (real estate and otherwise);
• What local government can do to help Valley businesses thrive;
• Creating more well-paying jobs in the Valley;
• The pros and cons to doing business in the Valley;
• The challenges of remote and hybrid workplace practices for business owners;
• Changing trends in leave of absence policies;
• Pay equity vs. pay equality;
• Growth strategies for the region; Financing options for businesses in 2023;
• Combatting the homelessness problem;
•…and much more.

Immediately following this eye-opening conversation, the Economic Forecast audience was treated to an equally in-depth and timely second roundtable style panel on what trends we can expect to see in the coming 12 months.

The second panel, moderated by Calabasas Mayor David J. Shapiro, featured expert insights from Scott Alderton, managing partner of Stubbs Alderton; Maier Rosenberg, managing member of MNR Business Consulting; Richard Rosenberg, partner at Ballard Rosenberg Golper & Savitt, LLP; and Danone Simpson, CEO of Montage Insurance Solutions.

Each of these professionals weighed in on a number of discussion topics, including:
• California employment law trends;
• What businesses can do to prepare themselves for a turndown and an upswing;
• Trends in lending or credit availability for small businesses in 2023;
• Evolving relationships between business owners and their trusted advisors;
• The W-2 vs independent contractor question;
• The effects of unions on business and how companies can prepare for when employees are organizing;
• Trends in selling a business, and how best to plan for the transition;
• Whether EBITDA is the driving force in determining the selling price of a company;
• The role of artificial intelligence in the business economy;
• The “Quality of Earnings” report trend;
•…and much more.

Thanks to our sponsors who made the event possible, including Ballard Rosenberg Golper & Savitt, LLP; ICON CDC; LightGabler; Mission Valley Bank; Montage Insurance Solutions; Parker Brown; and Stubbs Alderton & Markiles. And of course, many thanks to this year’s excellent lineup of panelists, who took the time to share their insights on the biggest headlines and where the market is going in 2023.


Scott Alderton
Managing Partner
Stubbs Alderton

Roberto Barragan
Managing Director

Charles Crumpley
San Fernando Valley Business Journal

Jonathan Fraser Light
Managing Attorney

Tamara Gurney
President and Chief Executive Officer
Mission Valley Bank

John Parker
Co-Founder and Executive Officer
Parker Brown

Maier N. Rosenberg
Managing Member
MNR Business Consulting

Richard Rosenberg
Ballard Rosenberg
Golper & Savitt, LLP

Mayor David Shapiro
Mayor of Calabasas
City of Calabasas

Danone Simpson
Montage Insurance Solutions


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