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2022 CFO to Watch Award: Mara Garcia

Mara Garcia

Mara Garcia is the chief financial officer of Phonexa, the all-in-one marketing solution for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more. As Phonexa continues to reach new heights and achievements, it is versatile leaders like Garcia who are paving the way. As CFO, Garcia is in charge of spearheading Phonexa’s financial growth and future expansion while leading the company’s tax, accounting, and finance teams. Garcia has a background in public accounting, auditing, and consulting and has the ability to translate complex issues into something anybody can understand, which helps in the business decision making. 

Garcia joined Phonexa in 2020 and oversaw many of Phonexa’s financial practices and procedures including but not limited to supervision of internal and external expenses, budgeting, audit management, and tax preparation. As a byproduct of Garcia’s leadership, Phonexa Holdings and its related entities have grown and built teams and headquarters over the last five years in Glendale, the United Kingdom and Ukraine and now collectively has a staff of 130. Revenue has reached to $200 million annually.

Garcia does not focus on the corporate hierarchy. She emphasizes to her team that she’s reviewing their work from a different perspective, so she encourages input and feedback. Whenever she questions something, that does not mean she’s automatically right. She wants them to explain to her their rationale so it can be a learning experience. As the CFO, she looks at the bigger picture to resolve any disconnect. Her go-to is always dialogue, emphasizing collaboration and teamwork for her team.


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