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Diversity, Equity + Inclusion Awards 2022 Honoree: Bernards

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Chief Executive: Dave Cavecche
Year Founded: 1974
Location: San Fernando

Bernards believes that it can strengthen its own business through a commitment to creating opportunities for all. For example, Bernards has a long history of supporting the growth and vitality of emerging local and disadvantaged businesses, as well as promoting local worker staffing on its projects. The company understands that its efforts to facilitate the inclusion of DBE/MBE/SBE/DVBE/WBE businesses and workers have a positive impact on the communities in which its team works and lives. Over the years, Bernards has built or managed numerous construction projects involving outreach programs. The company has also sponsored numerous inclusivity events. Bernards commitment to nondiscrimination and equal employment of suppliers is inherent in its culture. The team believes it is critical to their company’s success. They are vigilant in ensuring compliance with the diversity goals set forth for the projects implemented, as well as all applicable laws related to diversity and equal employment opportunities.


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