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Diversity, Equity + Inclusion Awards 2022 Honoree: CSUN


President: Erika D. Beck
Year Founded: 1958
Location: Northridge

CSUN’s University Student Union maintains a continued commitment to supporting students’ educational goals through inclusive and anti-racist programs, services and activities. Through collaboration with students, faculty and staff from various campus entities, DEI efforts are dedicated to providing spaces where all students can come together to learn and engage in conversations regarding race, anti-racism, diversity, equity and inclusivity. CSUN offers its Diversity & Equity Innovation Grant, which is a partnership between the University Student Union (USU) and the University Counseling Services (UCS). The USU and UCS received funding from the President’s office to provide programs that address systemic change, create community awareness, campus wide transformation, reflection and transformation around the impacts of injustice. CSUN has also developed “Healing Spaces” for communities to come together to heal, be in conversation with one another and create support and action items for matters impacting members of the CSUN community. 


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