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Diversity, Equity + Inclusion Awards 2022 Honoree: SAGE Publishing

SAGE Publishing
Chief Executive: Blaise R. Simqu
Year Founded: 1965
Location: Thousand Oaks

SAGE believes that employing a diverse workforce and maintaining an inclusive workplace supports its publishing pledge. Its workplace features an inclusive culture where diversity is valued through training and events, regular reporting, engagement surveys and other listening practices, and an integrated communication strategy.  SAGE has created a DEI Committee and Delivery Group that has oversight of the DEI mission and goals, assesses and enables progress, and keeps efforts accountable to senior leadership. As an independent company with a mission of building bridges to knowledge, SAGE enables people from all backgrounds to contribute to and benefit from teaching and research resources that are balanced, grounded, anti-racist, and promote a more just society. Acknowledging the prevalence of structural discrimination and bigotry and believing that diversity is the cornerstone of a vibrant culture, SAGE challenges unfair power structures within publishing and higher education to help create a more equitable future for all.


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