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2022 Private Company CFO of the Year (Large Company): Robert Licht

Robert Licht
Chief Financial Officer
Hertz Investment Group

With almost three decades of financial experience specifically in the real estate industry, the theme that has been the driver behind Robert Licht’s career is leadership, particularly when companies are facing challenging times. At one company, a real estate private equity firm, there was a tremendous amount of growth offset by a tremendous amount of turnover. The company had purchased over $1 billion of assets in four months and was six months behind in financial reporting with the auditors coming in six weeks. Licht stepped in as a leader for the finance group focused on team building and creating an environment of trust. As a result, all the financial reporting was completed on time – and all the employees received the financial incentive. 

In addition, two of his positions had the CEO of the firm pass away. Again, Licht provided stability and stepped in to help analyze what options pointed both companies forward leaving them in a positive and forward moving path.  

While more than three decades of his career have been with real estate related companies, the over-arching trait that is woven through his career path is his leadership skills. He is currently the CFO with Hertz Investment Group, whose CEO, Judah Hertz, passed away in 2020. Licht has been the consistent force behind the now chairman Zev Hertz, the son of the original founder, and has helped forge the path to leading the firm to the next phase of its history.


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