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Leaders of Influence: Trusted Advisors 2023 – Marie Davis

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Landegger Verano & Davis

California employment lawyer Marie Davis is one of the partners at Landegger Verano & Davis, ALC. She serves as the firm’s expert in wage and hour, complex employment laws and class action cases. She has settled over 100 notable class actions, mostly in Southern California and greater Los Angeles areas. She understands the importance of employment practices liability insurance and has had much success in partnering with carriers who have come to rely upon her expertise to conclude cases at the lowest cost and minimal risk for organizations and business owners in California.

Davis, along with the firm’s partners and employment law lawyers, has represented over 50 nonprofit organizations. From her past involvement with nonprofit organizations, she understands charitable nonprofit organizations’ employment law compliance issues, organizational governance, conflict of interest management. She is ready to help clients avoid some of the most common mistakes and grow their nonprofit organizations.

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