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Leaders of Influence: Trusted Advisors 2023 – Michael Anderson

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Commercial Banker
JP Morgan Chase & Company

Michael Anderson, a commercial banker with JP Morgan Chase & Company, has distinguished himself as a leader throughout his career. He is a respected advisor to clients as well as his peers and industry.

Anderson has 20 years of experience growing and developing businesses and real estate investment opportunities. He has been a successful entrepreneur, small business owner employing 30 people, real estate investor, and business consultant. His career has included a wide range of industry experiences including manufacturing, distribution, real estate investment and management, franchising, food service, retail, installation service, tech start-ups, and sports and entertainment. Additionally, he has become adept at leveraging capital solutions to achieve exponential growth. From this base of operational and finance experience, he provides capital and business advisory services to a variety of business owners and real estate professionals.

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