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CONSULTING: Mark Bishay, CTO and Dan O’Toole, CEO



Mark Bishay

Dan O’Toole

Lukasa, a Business and Technology Consulting Firm, Launches in LA Region

An all-in-one consulting and execution firm, Lukasa fills an essential need in the fast-paced L.A. business community—offering a clear path and scalable solution for companies to gain the modern edge required to compete and thrive in a rapidly-evolving data-driven economy.

Founded by a veteran team of forward-thinking business and technology experts with deep experience across a wide range of industries, Lukasa was built for companies in need of process analysis and improvement, innovative technologies, and business transformation—key features of modernization.

Lukasa takes a partnership approach to every project, working side-by-side with client teams to gain a three-dimensional view of what each company needs to maximize efficiency and competitiveness.

“Over the years, Mark Bishay, CTO and I have been on the inside. We understand the pain points of companies in diverse sectors, and the typical roadblocks to modernization,” says CEO, Dan O’Toole. “The great news is that we know how to fix it. When you have the right team, transforming your business doesn’t have to be daunting or prohibitively expensive. It’s thrilling to help companies streamline to meet their goals. Highly efficient companies create engaged employee culture and deliver enhanced customer experience, resulting in growth and profitability.”

“We have the flexibility to scale a team to fit each company and project’s unique needs. We develop and implement innovative, integrated, custom solutions to optimize your organization,” says Bishay.

Modernization matters. Lukasa’s Los Angeles team reimagines business—designing a future-focused path to strategic growth.To Learn more about the company visit www.lukasa.com

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