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University Brings Dollars, Jobs to Region

A recent study by the state university system shows that California State University, Channel Islands has a positive economic impact on a local and state level. The Impact of the California State University System report provides analysis about the impact of the university’s campus spending on the Central Coast region, which includes Ventura County, and on the state. The report also shows the impact of jobs generated by the Camarillo-based university and higher alumni earnings, which contribute to the state’s tax base. Annual spending of $135.5 million related to the university generates a total impact of nearly $240.5 million on the statewide economy. The impact sustains more than 1,200 jobs in the region and more than 2,000 jobs statewide. The impact also generates tax revenue of more than $6 million per year at the local level and $13.7 million at the state level. The report said that more than $48.8 million of earnings by the university’s graduates can be attributed to the degrees they earned. The earnings create an additional $302.5 million in industry activity throughout the state. The report found that every dollar invested in the university generates a spending return of $5.71 at the state level. Jessica Selva

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