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Voters Reject Utility and Auto Insurance Measures

California voters in the primary election rejected ballot measures that would have tightened voting requirements for government-run electric utilities and expanded auto insurance discounts for new customers. Meanwhile, Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina were chosen as the Republican candidates to run for governor and U.S. senator in November’s general election, according semi-official election results. Proposition 16, rejected by nearly 53 percent of voters, would have required two-thirds voter approval before local governments could start or expand electricity services. Proposition 17, rejected by about 52 percent of voters, would have allowed insurance companies to offer new customers continuation discounts based on coverage from other insurers. Voters also rejected Proposition 15, which would have made Secretary of State candidates eligible for public campaign funding in the 2014 and 2018 elections, lifting the current band on public funding for political campaigns. Two ballot measures passed – Proposition 13 and Proposition 14. Proposition 13 provides that unreinforced masonry building that receive earthquake safety improvements do not have to undergo property tax value reassessments until the buildings are sold. Proposition 14 creates open primary elections for congressional, statewide and legislative races, allowing voters to choose any candidate regardless of their political party preferences. Measure E, which proposed to charge an annual $100 parcel tax to help offset state budget cuts in Los Angeles Unified School District, did not meet its two-thirds approval requirement for passage. Jessica Selva

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