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We’re Searching for the Best CFOs

Editor, Jason Schaff This is the third year the Business Journal is publishing a Top CFOs report that focuses on the role of chief financial officers in today’s companies. And it has been the last few years when CFOs have played even more important roles in these companies as the economic downturn has made financial expertise probably the most important thing in business. The heck with vision and even the heck with creativity. If your chief financial person is inadequate, you’re in trouble. The CFO report is in our Sept. 13 issue, and an event honoring local CFOs is on Sept. 1. A portion of the report will profile these CFOs that are helping local businesses maneuver the choppy waters today. We’ve been seeking the help of readers and others in the business community to help us identify these people. We’re asking those who know an exceptional CFO to nominate them to be considered for an award that will be handed out at the event. They’ll also be profiled in our CFO issue. But time is running out to get in a nomination. The deadline is this Wednesday, Aug. 4 at noon to submit to us here at the Business Journal. You can nominate online at www.sfvbj.com under the “Events” header on our homepage. Or you can just e-mail our researcher Josh Dausch at jdausch@sfvbj.com or myself at editor@sfvbj.com and just give us the name of the CFO you want to nominate. You don’t need to fill out a form. We’ll take it from there. Each CFO nominee is interviewed by our editorial staff. You can also call Josh at 818-316-3130 or call me at 818-316-3125. In the past two years we’ve written this report, we’ve found some exceptional CFOs to feature and I think we’ve all learned a lot from them. But CFOs aren’t a grandstanding bunch. So it’s hard to draw them out for recognition. They feel uncomfortable and some CEOs don’t want to nominate their CFO because they don’t want them to feel uncomfortable. So let me make an appeal now for nominating your favorite CFO while there is still time in the next few days. We at the Business Journal need to know who locally are the best in their profession. Knowing CFOs and their role in companies is extremely important when we’re covering business news as a whole. Their financial know-how is crucial when a company wants to make a major move, whether it be a merger or any major acquisition or just paying keen attention to the firm’s finances. Their know-how can have a great effect on business strategy at any company. Yeah, some of them don’t want to be recognized, but many in business feel it’s good for their profession that they do get a little public credit. It makes the average businessperson, no matter how big their company is, realize how important it is to have a good CFO. There’s a couple of ground rules for nominating CFOs. They must have been working in the greater Valley-area for at least the last three years and their company must have at least $5 million in annual revenues. The greater Valley-area includes the San Fernando, Conejo, Santa Clarita, Simi and Antelope valleys. We’re looking for companies in all industry sectors and non-profits are also eligible but they don’t need to qualify for the $5 million revenue restriction. We’re also looking for representation of both public and private companies. Their experiences can be very different so that makes for a more comprehensive report. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call. We’re always looking for as much varied representation in our news pages as possible, so the more people I talk to the better. Thanks for participating. Business Journal Editor Jason Schaff can be reached at (818) 316-3125 or at editor@sfvbj.com.

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