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Moderna Hires Amgen Executive as Chief Commercial Officer

Corinne Le Goff, a former executive at Amgen Inc., has been hired by Moderna Inc. to become the Boston biotech giant’s chief commercial officer.She will assume her new role on Moderna’s executive committee Jan. 19.Moderna is one of three companies leading the race to distribute an effective COVID-19 vaccine. Moderna’s vaccine recently completed its phase three clinical trials, demonstrating efficacy of 94.1 percent in preventing COVID-19 symptoms after two doses taken four weeks apart. The vaccine has been authorized for emergency use in the U.S. by the Federal Drug Administration, and throughout Europe by the European Union.Le Goff said in a statement she is “delighted” to join Moderna “at this crucial time of the launch of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.” “The Moderna technology is game-changing and will undoubtedly disrupt the traditional biotechnology world and in time lead to life-altering therapies,” she added.At Amgen, Le Goff was credited with the valuation and commercial integration of psoriasis drug Otezla, which the Thousand Oaks company purchased in 2019 from Celgene for $13.4 billion.

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