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Paralysis Partnership for Antelope Valley Hospital

The Antelope Valley Hospital has partnered with a local nonprofit to provide support to newly paralyzed patients. The hospital announced Thursday that it will notify the Triumph Foundation, a Santa Clarita Valley organization that offers services to paralyzed individuals, of hospitalized patients who have been diagnosed with paralysis. The patient and her or his family will meet with an “ambassador” at Triumph to learn about resources for the transition home. “This new partnership not only allows our ambassadors to help people immediately after their injury, but also gets them connected with all of Triumph Foundation’s many programs,” organization founder Andrew Skinner said in a statement. The Antelope Valley Hospital, located in Lancaster, sees more than 120,000 emergency patients annually, according to its website. Its trauma center is the only one for 50 miles, and sees more than 1,200 trauma patients every year.

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