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Endonovo Appoints Strategic Advisor on Blood Vessel Research

Endonovo Therapeutics in Woodland Hills on Monday announced the appointment of Dr. William Li as strategic advisor to Chief Executive Alan Collier. The electrical medical device developer appointed Li to explore growth strategies for its market segments. Li, who is chief executive of the Cambridge, Mass.-based Angiogenesis Foundation, has been actively engaged in angiogenesis research and clinical development field for 30 years. Angiogenesis is the process the body uses to grow new blood vessels, according to the foundation’s website. “Li is a globally recognized medical professional and a business visionary with a strong track record of success,” Collier said in a statement. “Like us, he takes a long-term view of medical advances and believes industry can play a pivotal role in shaping the future. We look forward to working with Dr. Li to further extend our industry leadership by aligning Endonovo with each of the major market segments we can impact.” Shares of Endonovo (ENDV) closed Monday at 1 cent on the over-the-counter market.

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