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US Nuclear in Talks to Supply Tritium Water Monitoring Equipment

A subsidiary of US Nuclear Corp., a Canoga Park-based company that makes nuclear monitoring equipment, is in talks with Japan and other Pacific Rim countries to supply tritium water monitoring equipment.

Overhoff Technology Corp. in Milford, Ohio, is a leading manufacturer of tritium monitoring equipment.

The company’s sales have seen a surge of late due to well-funded nuclear power and fusion plant projects, according to a release from US Nuclear.

Japan is set to release 1.3 million tons of tritium-contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean, the release said.

Overhoff is in talks with Japan and other worried countries around the Pacific about providing tritium water monitors for measuring resulting tritium levels in the seawater, fisheries and drinking water, according to the release.

“Overhoff also supplies tritium water monitors to desalination plants to track any contamination in the plant’s seawater input and to track the quality of the drinking water that these plants provide for human consumption,” the release added.

Tritium is mainly produced in nuclear reactors as a byproduct of fission during nuclear energy production and is used as fuel for fusion energy projects. It is also used in pharmaceutical testing and manufacturing and maintaining the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile, the release continued.

Shares in US Nuclear closed down on Monday by a fraction of a cent, or about 1.5%, to 21 cents on the over-the-counter market.


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