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Woodland Hills Company to Produce ‘Contagin’ Beverage

Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc., a Woodland Hills manufacturer of hemp and CBD products, has announced a joint venture with Sipp Industries to make a high-powered gin under the brand name “Contagin.” Sipp Industries, based in Costa Mesa, makes hemp-infused alcoholic beverages. Sipp and Green Cures co-developed the Contagin recipe, which boasts a hefty 57 percent alcohol by volume, translating to 114 proof. The partners are marketing Contagin as “Navy strength.” Contagin was submitted to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau in late April. The partners will begin production once it is approved. Green Cures plans to distribute it in tandem with its new “Hollywood Green Botanical Vodka.” The company said it will try to “capitalize on pent-up demand during the traditionally strong spirits and beer drinking seasons with its newly inked distribution partners,” according to a press release. Green Cures is a public company trading on the over-the-counter market under the ticker GRCU. Shares closed Monday at a fraction of a cent.

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