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Capstone’s New Turbine Enters European Market

Capstone Turbine Corp. has shipped its first C1000S microturbine to Europe for use at a manufacturing facility in Slovenia, the company announced Wednesday. Capstone, in Chatsworth, debuted in December the natural gas-powered, one-megawatt C1000S microturbine that incorporates system and design upgrades. The refractory material manufacturing facility in Slovenia chose the Capstone system for its high efficiency and energy savings. The microturbine will be used for primary power and its exhaust used to dry material during the manufacturing process. Capstone Chief Executive Darren Jamison said there is a challenge when introducing a new product and transitioning from the older, legacy product in a short time. “Capstone employees really stepped up and delivered despite the approximately 70 different discrete product changes,” Jamison said in a prepared statement. Changes in the C1000S microturbine include heat recovery modules providing up to 1.5 megawatts of recoverable heat energy, a two-stage air filtration system and a strengthened enclosure frame. Shares closed down 1 cent, or a fraction of a percent, to $1.37 on the Nasdaq.

Mark Madler
Mark Madler
Mark R. Madler covers aviation & aerospace, manufacturing, technology, automotive & transportation, media & entertainment and the Antelope Valley. He joined the company in February 2006. Madler previously worked as a reporter for the Burbank Leader. Before that, he was a reporter for the City News Bureau of Chicago and several daily newspapers in the suburban Chicago area. He has a bachelor’s of science degree in journalism from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

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