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FCC Clears Way for Film Distribution Into Homes

Theatrical films would be made available for home viewing prior to release on DVD following a decision by the Federal Communications Commission to approve distribution using secure connections. The Motion Picture Association of America supported the action as a way to meet consumer demand. Making films available through selectable output control from cable and satellite providers serves the public interest without imposing harm on consumers, the FCC write in its order of May 7. The Sherman Oaks-based MPAA, however, wanted to protect the films being transmitted into homes from piracy. Selectable output control will do that by disabling non-secure, analog outputs. Going to a theater will always be the first and best way to see films but the action by the FCC will give a new option for those unable to go, said MPAA President and interim CEO Bob Pisano. “This action is an important victory for consumers who will now have far greater access to see recent high definition movies in their homes,” Pisano said. “And it is a major step forward in the development of new business models by the motion picture industry to respond to growing consumer demand.” Mark R. Madler

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