Stories for April 1997

Monday, April 7


DreamWorks SKG made big news when city officials helped arrange a $70 million package of incentives, tax credits and savings to induce this large employer to locate within the Los Angeles.

Tuesday, April 1




The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) represents the interests of women entrepreneurs world-wide. NAWBO's mission is to develop products and services that meet the needs of established women business owners and support the needs of eme


What happens when you have hired the ultimate consultant to refine your business, downsize to the max, optimize your cash flow and your customer asks for a 10 percent reduction in your price? This issue is facing businesses of all sizes in our present eco

Women-Owned Firms

Women-owned businesses are growing faster than the overall economy in Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA and in each of the top 50 metropolitan areas in the U.S., according to the National Foundation for Women Business Owners (NFWBO). The Foundation's report is t


After bottoming out last October, Valley home prices appear to be inching their way back in this month's issue of Valley Econowatch.


Growing up in Panorama City, Schmidt recalls how her mother remained involved in the Panorama City Women's Club and her grandmother volunteered time for the Business and Professional Women's Association.

Chick btl

That was the feeling of L.A. City Councilmember Laura Chick, who early this month announced her intention to lead a team of investors to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers.


Businesses and non-profit organizations are going into business with the government more frequently every day. As federal, state, county and municipal governments continue to seek ways to maintain their levels of services while reducing their expenses, t

Entcol add

Some residents concerned about traffic weren't happy about it, but the Burbank City Council last month unanimously approved a planned 1.9 million-square-foot expansion by NBC Studios.


The names of several firms were misspelled in the March issue's list of largest law firms in the San Fernando Valley. The firms' correct names are: Rushfeldt, Shelley & Drake; Hemar Rousso Garwacki; Karno, Schwartz, Friedman, Shafron & Warren; Greenberg


A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought by the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority against the City of Burbank, saying the court has no jurisdiction to determine the case.


While the services and staff will remain the same, California American Woman's Economic Development (AWED) Corporation will now be known as Women's Enterprise Development Corporation (WEDC). The change was announced by John F. Walker, Jr., Board President


The porno industry thinks the latest tax proposal from the state Senate majority leader is obscene.

Letter Smith

Supporters of plans for a new football stadium should keep one thing in mind: We may need new stadiums, but let the owners of the teams that wish to play in them, and make money from them, build them.


Launched in 1994 in the aftermath of the Northridge earthquake, the Valley Economic Alliance is charged with attracting and retaining business in the San Fernando Valley. One of its missions under new executive director Bill Allen is to change the public

Valley Talk

For decades, insiders have known that the real Hollywood or a good portion of it at least is located in the San Fernando Valley. With studios including Warner Bros. Pictures and Walt Disney Co. based here, the Valley has helped create the Hollywood my


Kim Walter has been named vice president of operations for Van Nuy's based AdOut. Walter previously worked as the advertising production manager of the Daily News of Los Angeles. In her new position, she will oversee a staff of 29 in the design and produc


During last month's Academy Awards show, thousands of Americans headed to the fridge or to the bathroom during the exact same moment: When they were giving out the Oscar for best sound in a motion picture.


Fueled with seed money from the city of Los Angeles, the organizers of 10 San Fernando Valley-based business improvement districts are engaged in intensive lobbying efforts to generate support among local business-people.

Great West

The bidding war for control of Great Western Financial Corp. has yet to yield a winner, but one thing is clear: No matter which bidder wins, thousands of Great Western workers are likely to receive pink slips.


Rising numbers of homeowners and small business owners in the San Fernando Valley are slipping into bankruptcy and foreclosure.


Cal State Northridge President Blenda J. Wilson is credited with successfully guiding the university through perhaps its greatest crisis the Jan. 17, 1994 earthquake that damaged most of its major buildings and threatened cancellation of the spring seme

Universal Reprographics, Inc.

Universal Reprographics, Inc. Using Digital Technologies to Succeed in a Male Dominated Industry


When Boeing North American Inc. inherited the beleaguered Santa Susana Field Laboratory in December as part of its acqusition of Rockwell International's aerospace and defense units, there was trepidation on both sides of the deal.


Second-Career Entrepreneur Achieves #100 on List, Heading Senior-Level Executive Search Firm

RE Column

Two of the hottest real estate markets in and around the San Fernando Valley Glendale to the east and the Santa Clarita Valley to the north each saw noteworthy investment and development activity during the last month.

GM Plant

Six anchor tenants and a fast-food restaurant operator are in final negotiations to lease space in the $100 million retail/industrial project proposed for the former site of the General Motors assembly plant in Van Nuys.


STEELFRAME (Berton) w/photo Under orders from the City Council, owners of certain types of older high-rise buildings must do extensive retrofit work to ensure the buildings won't collapse in a major quake. Many of these buildings are in the Valley, and


A new ownership group has emerged to develop a long-stalled highrise project in Glendale which could become the L.A. area's first "speculative" office tower of the'90s.


Say Beverly Hills, and images of palm trees, Rodeo Drive and mansions spring readily to mind.


Tax planning should be a year-round activity. However, if you didn't get around to doing all you had hoped, it's not too late to improve your tax situation. The key is to do a thorough job of identifying deductions so you don't miss opportunities to save

Letter Lombardo

A few observations are in order on your March story, "Burbank Airport terminal fight now headed for federal court."

Top 100

When Christopher Columbus set out to find the New World, his fleet of three ships, instead of just one, greatly improved his chances for success. Like Columbus, today's inspired entrepreneurs increase their chances for success when they too, bring along


If you're like so many others, there are times when you feel that your life is out of control and the word "balance" applies only to your checkbook (if you're lucky), not to your life! Or you're bursting with ideas for business opportunities or career


A few years ago, Calabasas-based game software publisher THQ Inc. looked like a goner, losing tens of millions of dollars by over-producing often subpar games for Sega and Nintendo machines alongside better selling competitors.


A proposed $25 million upscale retail center on 20 acres of unused land on the campus of Cal State Northridge is drawing fire from local merchants who claim the development is an inappropriate use of state-owned land.


The Valley is suffering from business group inflation. Simply put, there are just too many organizations all doing pretty much the same thing.


Aerospace company Whittaker Corp. has sold its corporate headquarters campus in Simi Valley through a sale-leaseback transaction valued at more than $29 million.


With a new generation of jets being snapped up by corporate executives and anyone else who can afford the luxury of private jets, Media Aviation is undergoing a $20 million-plus upgrade at the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport.