Stories for July 2004

Monday, July 19

THE LIST - Residential Real Estate Companies

The Business Journal's list of the top Residential Real Estate companies, ranked by number of agents in the San Fernando Valley

Panel Says Good Neighbors Can Keep Production Local

A commercial production crew had all necessary permits and notified businesses that it was going to film on a commercial strip somewhere in Los Angeles, when it ran into a problem.

Local Jobs Data Show Progress

Unemployment in California dropped by 0.1 percent in June, and Los Angeles County saw a similar decline, according to the state employment department.

Mayoral Candidates Differ on Approaches to Tax Reform

The four major declared candidates in LA's mayoral race all agree on one thing regarding the city's business tax: it is too high, and is driving businesses and jobs to surrounding cities with lower rates.

THE LIST - Telecommunications Companies

The Business Journal's list of the top Telecommunications companies, ranked by number of employees in the San Fernando Valley

Vision Creation Helps Propel Businesses

GUEST COLUMNBy Jonathan Goldhill

Fighter Jet Helps Revive Area Aerospace

The next generation military fighter jet has brought a boost in business to more than a dozen manufacturers in the greater San Fernando Valley.

Texas Firm Becomes Rare New Residential Broker Entry

There's a new kid on the residential real estate block for the first time since anyone can remember.

Area's Economy, Politics A Lot Like Geology Class

Area's Economy, Politics A Lot Like Geology Class

INTERVIEW - Policy of Engagement

John Garamendi, deep into his second stint as state insurance commissioner, stakes out his turf as he wrestles with WellPoint on its proposed merger in a bid to make his department a top consumer protection agency

State Law Failing to Result in New Condos

Nearly two years after the passage of legislation intended to ease the burden on condominium developers, the number of new condo constructions and conversions remains pitifully low.

Despite Own Good News, Local Tech Stocks Take Hit

Despite Own Good News, Local Tech Stocks Take Hit

Local Businessmen Gain Lessons From Russian Crime Saga

Within weeks of its opening, the first Subway restaurant in Russia was selling more sandwiches than any other store in the chain, and David J. DiTomaso, was figuring his ship had come in.


Stock activity for 50 selected greater San Fernando Valley-based public companies


Charts of Economic Indicators, Real Estate, Tourism...


Brain Zoo Studios expands rapidly as more in the industry get the word of its ability to design high quality animation and effects for video games and films

Potential Crisis Looms in Retirement Plans


Nickelodeon Animation's Growth Sparks New Hiring

The Burbank-based animation house has upped hiring to accommodate the several new shows in development.

Brokers Embrace Role of Internet

Back when the dot-com boom ushered in Homestore and other companies that offered listings of homes for sale directly to shoppers, real estate agents worried that the new services would put them out of business.

Mid-Year Forecast Says Area Will Experience More Growth

L.A. County, including the Valley and surrounding regions, will see significant growth in business and employment during the second half of 2004 and next year, according to an economic forecast

Monday, July 5

Legislators Throw Confusion Into Balloting

Capitol Punishment by Gregory N. Lippe, managing partner of the CPA firm of Lever, Lippe, Hellie & Russell LLP (LLHR) and a director of the Valley Industry and Commerce Association (VICA).

Playing Dress-Up Has Become Serious Business

Chain of stores where pre-teen girls can play "dress up" makes its first California appearance in Glendale.

Owner Plays to Guitar Collectors

THE BRIEFING: In Los Angeles Magazine's list of the top 300 reasons not to leave the city following the '94 earthquake, No. 31 was Norman's Rare Guitars.

Manufacturers Outline Their Needs

Through the "Manufacturer's Coalition," Valley College officials hope to secure a state grant up of up to $350,000 that will pay for hiring teachers and teaching classes for the companies at no cost to them.

The Jobs Issue: It's Better But Some Industries Still Lag

As indicators of economic activity and consumer and CEO confidence slowly rise nationally, Southern California and the surrounding valleys are poised for reasonable gains in employment


Stock activity for 50 selected greater San Fernando Valley-based public companies

Full Agenda

With his involvement on numerous boards and his long career, Marvin Selter is a familiar face to Valley businesspeople, and after five years as chairman of the Valley Economic Development Center, he leaves with a sense of accomplishment and plans to take

With Help of Staff, Holy Cross Nears Goal for ER Expansion

Holy Cross Medical Center, one of only three trauma care centers in the San Fernando Valley, has raised three quarters of the funds needed for a major expansion of the hospital's emergency department

Getting Right in the Middle of Some Important Issues

Getting Right in the Middle of Some Important Issues

Father, Daughter Prove Right Mixture at Vodka Firm

FAMILY BUSINESS - Admit it. When you think of the vodka industry you don't think of loving father-daughter relationships.


The Business Journal's list of the top 25 Hotels, ranked by the number of guest rooms in the greater San Fernando Valley

Judge Converts Developer Roth's Chap. 11 Filings

A U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge has agreed to convert Randall Roth's petition for reorganization to a bankruptcy proceeding, setting the stage to liquidate the assets of his company


The Business Journal's list of the top 20 RESTAURANTS, ranked by annual gross sales in the greater San Fernando Valley

Cooper PR Firm, Directions Design Join in Merger

A high-profile Valley public relations firm and an advertising company have joined forces in a merger.


Charts of Economic Indicators, Real Estate, Tourism...

Learning the Hard Way

Surviving adversity, Raja 'AMY' Marhaba has not only played a big part in building martec construction but also a foundation helping learning-disabled children

Stable Business Model Gives Cherokee Brand Awareness


Firms Brace for Wage Legislation

California's business climate could possibly take another turn for the worse if a minimum wage increase bill making its way through the state legislature passes

Longtime Valley Fixture Weiler's Deli Files Chapter 11

A $183,000 judgment in a civil suit over a rent dispute and the construction of the Metro Orange Line busway have led a landmark Canoga Park restaurant to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

Antelope Valley Gets Industrious

A huge development boom is underway in the Antelope Valley, with nearly 1 million square feet of industrial property in varying stages of construction in Lancaster alone

International Barricade Maker Expands Close to Home

Homeland security equals more business and expansion. At least, that can be applied as an equation at Delta Scientific.


Health Focus Attracts Endowment CFO

WellPoint Pushes Cooperation as It Faces State Foes

Officials with Thousand Oaks-based health care giant WellPoint believe they can successfully negotiate an agreement with state regulators that will allow a planned $16.5 billion merger to go forward.

BTAC Backs Oct. 31 Reform Deadline

The citizens committee appointed by the mayor and city council members to formulate business tax reform threw its support behind an Oct. 31 deadline for a complete tax reform package

Second Mixed Use Plan for Ventura Boulevard Gets OK

A second plan for a mixed-use residential project on Ventura Boulevard has passed a major hurdle.