Stories for November 2004

Monday, November 29

Real Estate Deals

This week's postings of Real Estate sales and leases

Monday, November 22

Use of Temporary Workers May Be Permanent Solution for Businesses

The use of temporary workers may be a permanent trend at area companies.

Adelstein Resigns Position at VEDC

Under fire from some chambers in the Valley, Wayne Adelstein has quit as chairman of the Valley Economic Development Center.

Grassroots Push Aided L.A. Tax Reform

Business tax reform, which was passed by the L.A. City Council last week, was aided by a grassroots effort within the business community.

Second Restaurant at Galleria Closes Doors

Bobby Loco's has shuttered its doors after about six months operating in the

Wireless Widens in Workplace

With Internet access now integral to nearly all businesses, many companies and institutions are moving toward wireless Internet technology.

Precision Dynamics Plans Layoffs in Entry-Level Jobs

Precision Dynamics, the city of San Fernando's largest employer, plans layoffs among its entry-level positions.

State Blamed for Problems as Summit Takes on Valley Future

The future of the Valley is discussed at the Economic Alliance Info Summit.

What Makes A Successful Holiday Party?

What makes a successful holiday office party?

Traffic Costs Soaring at Companies

Freeway traffic problems have crept up to new proportions and have become a central theme in business owners' management woes.

Method Film Festival Gets Funding Deal in Move to Calabasas

The Method Fest Independent Film Festival has moved from Burbank to

Real Estate Engagement Needed in Planning for Future

Senior Reporter Shelly Garcia calls for more engagement by the real estate community in discussions about the future of the Valley.

Home Improvement, Luxury Goods Top Holiday Lists

Home improvement stores and luxury goods retailers are expected to be big winners this holiday season.

Tax Reform an Example of How Things Should Be

From The Newsroom by Jason Schaff

Bankers Raising Money for Startup

A group of veteran bankers is seeking to raise about $22 million to launch an independent business bank in Encino

Firms Shouldn't Be Pushed Around Along Orange Line

With the Orange Line finally back on track, small businesses along its route will finally see some movement and, hopefully, the end to the disruption they have all faced for the past three months.

State Needs to Develop a Business Plan

Guest Column by Gregory N. Lippe, CPA, is managing partner of the Woodland Hills-based CPA firm of Lever, Lippe, Hellie & Russell LLP (LLHR) and a director of the Valley Industry and Commerce Association (VICA).

Trend to Wireless Sparks Renewed Security Concerns

The trend toward wireless in the workplace brings more security concerns.

Amgen Fund Could Lead To Stem Cell Involvement

An Amgen spinoff could be in a good position to work with stem cell research companies.

Monday, November 8

Law Firms Put Greater Value on Marketing Themselves

As competition increases, law firms are seeking ways to brand themselves in the marketplace.

A College's Course

Cal State Channel Islands President Richard R. Rush is reaching out to businesses on the 101 Tech Corridor as he tries to build the young university.


Local Earnings Reports

Environmental Legal Duo Take Over Emissions Firm

The legal duo of Ed Masry and Erin Brockovich, known for their high-profile environmental case that was the subject of a movie, have launched a firm whose product line targets engine emissions.

Solid Growth Reported At Annual Conference

Attendees at the annual Valley Industry and Commerce Association conference are told that the local economy continues on an upward trend.

Kaiser Plans Ambitious High-Tech Records Revamp

Kaiser Permanente is working on a massive high-tech overhaul of its medical records system

Valley Councilpeople Make Push for Cultural Venue

Reporter Jonathan D. Colburn reports on official support for the construction of a major Valley cultural venue at Cal State Northridge.

Bank's New Product Capitalizes on Interest in China

East West Bank is rolling out a series of new certificate of deposit products in order to boost its deposit ratios including a novel product tied to an index of Chinese companies.

Getting Motivated

Several Valley companies make the Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing companies in the country.

Computer Forensics Plays Role in Litigation

TECHNOLOGY Electronic discovery is increasingly being used routinely in a variety of legal cases

Number of Civil Filings Plunges in Courts

CASES Civil court filings have dropped considerably throughout the Los Angeles Superior Court system

President Pushes to Raise Bar's Profile

Alice A. Salvo, the president of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association, outlines her goals for the group.

Warner Center Development Short-Circuits Specific Plan

Senior Reporter Shelly Garcia reports that development in Warner Center has nearly met the 20-year goals of the area's specific plan 10 years early.

State Election Results Buoy Area Pro-Business Interests

The business community is claiming victory after last week's elections.

Growth' Aids Firm's Move To Inc. 500

Personal growth coaches have become a hot commodity within the local business community.


Valley Businesspeople in the news, on the move...

Entertainment Firms Encouraged By Tax Reforms

The entertainment industry applauds the latest moves in business tax reform.

Valley Toy Firm in War With Mattel

North Hills-based MGA Entertainment is locked in a full-scale war with rival Mattel.

Response to Neighborhood Council Letters

Letters to the Editor