Seeking a more modern, highly visible location, the Glendale Chamber of Commerce will move into a new office later this month on Brand Boulevard, the organization said Monday.

The new 1,637 square-foot ground-level digs are a downsize from the Chamber’s current 3,500 square-foot office building on South Louise Street, near the Glendale Public Library and Glendale Central Park.

Judith Kendall, the Chamber’s executive vice president, said the need for less space and a desire to be closer to the Chamber’s members spurred the move, which is expected to take place in mid-November.

“We have been in this building for … close to 50 years, and when we first started out everything was done … manually and a lot more space was required,” Kendall said, explaining that computers and the Internet caused the organization to need less storage space and actually contributed to excess square footage.

The new location, near the 134 Freeway, will give the Chamber “better visibility and an updated image,” Kendall said. The Chamber will occupy space in the California Credit Union building “where a lot of our member businesses are,” she said.

Bill Boyd and Scott Unger of the brokerage firm Charles Dunn Company represented the Chamber in the $1,675,000 sale of its current location and in the lease of its new office, Charles Dunn said in a news release.

Glendale’s Specialty Imaging Centers purchased the Chamber’s building and plans to open up an outpatient surgery center in March, spokeswoman Taguhi Sogomonyan said.

The Chamber signed a 10-year lease on its new location, which was valued at more than $500,000, Charles Dunn said.