The Los Angeles City Council has passed an ordinance waiving fees for the on-location filming of television pilots.

The ordinance, passed by a 15-0 vote on Tuesday, applies to fees connected to a special events permit requiring the closure of city streets. It was first put forth more than a year ago when Mayor Eric Garcetti was serving as a councilman representing a district that includes Hollywood.

Passing the ordinance sends a signal to the entertainment industry that the city wants pilot production to stay here along with the jobs those programs provide, said Councilman Paul Krekorian, who seconded the motion on the ordinance.

"When we support TV pilots being filmed here in Los Angeles, there's a very good chance that when that series is picked up, the television series will be produced in Los Angeles as well and then you have millions and millions of dollars spent on those productions,” Krekorian said prior to the vote.

The ordinance will allow the Bureau of Street Services to waive fees for traffic control that are calculated based on the number of additional city personnel required for traffic control and their hours worked.