A subsidiary of Teledyne Technologies Inc. received a $10 million contract from a French space agency to provide detectors and other electronics for a mission to Jupiter launching in 2022.

Teledyne Scientific & Imaging, in Thousand Oaks, will provide infrared detectors and focal plane electronics for use in the Moons and Jupiter Imaging Spectrometer developed by the Institut d’Astrophysique Spatiale.

The instrument will be aboard the Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer mission of the European Space Agency to launch in 2022 and arrive at Jupiter in 2030 for a three-year study of the planet and three of its moons.

Teledyne Technologies Chief Executive Robert Mehrabian said the company’s contribution to the mission exemplifies its commitment to exploration and discovery, from the ocean floor to deep space.

Announcement of the contract was made Monday. Shares closed Tuesday down $4.64, or 3.6 percent, to $125.14 on the New York Stock Exchange.