The Los Angeles City Attorney’s office has filed criminal charges against the owner of a Tarzana commercial property and a tenant for violating asbestos removal regulations.

Tzvika Diner and his company, 18434 Oxnard LLC, were charged with one count of disposal of hazardous waste, nine counts of violating state Air Quality Management District rules and nine criminal counts for AQMD violations, the office of City Attorney Mike Feuer said.

Shay Grinberg, the tenant, was charged along with his company Clear Horizon Home Solutions Inc., in Costa Mesa, of one count of disposal of hazardous waste and nine counts of violating AQMD rules, the office added.

The complaint against the pair alleges that when Grinberg was remodeling a unit at Diner’s property at 18434 Oxnard St. in November 2017 that an acoustic ceiling in the unit, containing asbestos, was removed in violation of numerous California regulations regarding asbestos emission from demolition and renovation activities. A neighbor had spotted the renovation work and made a referral to the South Coast Air Quality Management District, according to City Attorney’s office.

“Exposure to asbestos can be deadly,” City Attorney Mike Feuer said in a statement. “We have asbestos removal regulations for a reason, to protect public health and safety. Property owners have a responsibility to follow those laws.”