Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer announced Friday that his office has filed criminal charges against 35 commercial cannabis retailers, labs, grow sites or delivery services in the San Fernando Valley.

Across all of Los Angeles, Feuer has filed a total of 120 cases against 515 defendants associated with 105 different locations.

The cases are part of an ongoing crackdown on illegal pot businesses by the City Attorney and the Los Angeles Police Department, which began after recreational marijuana was legalized in California at the start of this year. A total of 23 illegal locations have been shut down, according to Feuer.

“Los Angeles voters wanted common-sense rules to regulate recreational marijuana so public safety is protected in our neighborhoods,” said Feuer in statement. “Our message is clear – if you are operating an illegal cannabis business you will be held accountable.”

All commercial cannabis businesses in Los Angeles must obtain licenses or approvals from both the city and the state.