The signature of Gov. Jerry Brown on a law to decriminalize sidewalk vending prompted a response from the Valley Industry & Commerce Association on Monday.

SB 496, proposed by Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens), prohibits criminal penalties for sidewalk vending and allows cities to set up permit systems for street vendors.

“This bill undermines local control and fails to protect brick-and-mortar businesses by mandating unregulated sidewalk vending regardless of input from local communities and businesses,” VICA President Stuart Waldman said in a statement. “This one-size-fits-all approach fails to consider the unique situation surrounding sidewalk vending in different communities across our state.”

According to the Van Nuys-based organization, VICA’s vision for a street vending policy includes limiting the number of vending permits issued; designating zones for sidewalk vending; requiring the consent of brick-and-mortar businesses; and ensuring sidewalk vendors pay their fair share in taxes and fees.

The city of Los Angeles decriminalized sidewalk vending last year and has been working to craft a permit system.

In a statement, Lara said “Gov. Brown’s signature validates that thousands of sidewalk vendors are an important part of our economy, whose hard work supports their families and gives California its unique flavor.”