Valencia’s Advanced Bionics unveiled its latest product, the AIM system, at a cochlear implant symposium in Florida, the company said Wednesday.

AIM stands for “active insertion monitoring,” a computer program designed to help surgeons and hearing care professionals with insertion of the electrode for a cochlear implant. The software provides real time feedback to the surgeon to guide the insertion placement.

The AIM system also helps measure the range and sensitivity of a person’s sense of hearing, making it easier to adjust the implant for younger or hard-to-test patients.

After testing, the program generates a report with patient data and test results.

“We’re very excited about the introduction of the AIM system because we believe that this is an important innovation for (cochlear implant) surgery,” Dr. Victoria Carr-Brendel, group vice president of the Sonova Group and president of Advanced Bionics, said in a statement. “Surgeons and audiologists want the best outcomes for their patients, and AIM can be a means for them to achieve that.”