Capstone Turbine Corp. has received orders for its micoturbines from two California cannabis growing operations.

The unidentified companies are in Northern and Southern California. Five C65 units made by the Van Nuys manufacturer are destined for the northern part of the state where they will product 325 kilowatts of power. Four C65 units will power the Southern California cannabis operation with 260 kilowatts.

Chief Executive Darren Jamison said the two orders represent a growing niche for the company.

“These orders mark the second and third grow operations that have turned to Capstone’s microturbines within the past few months in California alone,” Jamison said in a statement.

The microturbine systems will help the growers by providing not only on-site power but also help them meet sustainability goals with improved energy efficiency while reducing waste by using integrated combined heat and power in the growing process, Capstone said.

Shares of Capstone (CPST) closed Monday up nearly 4 cents, or 4.6 percent, to 85 cents on the Nasdaq.