Endonovo Therapeutics and Jacksonville-based Veterans Healthcare Supply Solutions have entered into a long-term agreement to distribute SofPulse devices to Veterans Administration facilities and the Department of Defense Healthcare facilities, according to a statement from Endonovo.

The electrical medical device manufacturer in Woodland Hills has seen VHSS streamline and improve sales and marketing for the company’s devices to VA and DoD families.

“This agreement, which includes direct delivery to all medical facilities, extends beyond traditional distribution and includes access to their 900 Federal Contract Officers as well as their distribution center,” said Alan Collier, chief executive at Endonovo Therapeutics, in a statement.

“Our primary goal is providing leading edge products and services to eligible federal government healthcare constituents,” Gary Skura, president of VHSS, said in a statement. “Our new partnership with Endonovo will certainly allow us to further continue our core objectives.”

Shares of Endonovo (ENDV) closed Tuesday at 1.1 cents on the over-the-counter market.