Nancy Hoffman Vanyek, chief executive of the Greater San Fernando Valley Chamber of Commerce, issued a call for help in securing financial help for business advocacy organizations dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.

“The current stimulus proposal working its way through Congress includes relief funding for 501(c)3 non-profit organizations. That does NOT include chambers of commerce,” Hoffman Vanyek wrote in an email. “That means NO government relief for the Greater San Fernando Valley Chamber. That jeopardizes my livelihood and our team.”

The email urged members to write members of Congress and included emails for Valley representatives and both California senators. It also included a sample letter of what to tell elected officials.

The letter noted that in its current form, the economic stimulus bill will leave out 4,000 chambers and 62,000 other professional associations in the U.S. The letter asks for $25 billion in capital assistance for associations and nonprofits.

A browser-friendly version of the letter is available at: