North Hollywood health care software company ConsejoSano has received an investment from the Bernard J. Tyson Impact Fund, the company said in a statement on Thursday.

Consejo will use the funding to offer its platform to three federally qualified health care center partners, engaging an estimated 75,000 underserved people to become proactive about their health and about COVID-19 testing.

The fund is administered by the American Heart Association to address o“health equity,” or addressing social determinants that may have an impact on a population’s health. ConsejoSano is a recipient in the first round of investments from the fund, which is named after the late African-American chief executive of Kaiser Permanente.

“ConsejoSano stood out to us because of their commitment to underserved communities, their emphasis on truly patient-centered engagement, and multicultural approach,” said Raymond Guthri, managing director of the Bernard J. Tyson and AHA Social Impact Funds.

“We’re excited to pilot our convertible note program with ConsejoSano, where we actually become an investor and develop a more long-term relationship,” Guthri added.

ConsejoSano’s software platform helps multicultural patients navigate a confusing health insurance industry, including Medicare and Medicaid, offering its services in more than 25 languages.