Trade industry software company ServiceTitan has acquired a similar company that provides software for pest control, lawn care and arbor companies.

Financial terms of the deal between ServiceTitan in Glendale and ServicePro in Columbus, Ohio were not disclosed.

ServiceTitan makes software to help contractors such as plumbers and electricians schedule and organize their business. ServicePro has similar software for the more than 1,000 customers it serves in the pest control, lawn and tree-cutting industries.

In a blog post on Tuesday, ServicePro Chief Executive Andy Deering said that a similar background to the ServiceTitan founders Ara Mahdessian and Vahe Kuzoyan was key to doing the deal. Also, ServiceTitan has a plan that they are executing really well, he added.

“When you look at HVAC, plumbing, electrical, they were just knocking it out of the park,” Deering said in the post. “And they wanted to get into pest, lawn and arbor. Well, that’s what we do.”

ServicePro will be a subsidiary of the Glendale company, with Deering and his sister Kim O’Connor, the chief information officer, staying to lead it.

Deering said in the blog post that he is excited about what ServicePro and ServiceTitan can do together and about what ServicePro’s industry-specifc expertise can add to the San Fernando Valley company.

“You look at a lot of platforms out there and they either dabble in a bunch of industries or do one industry really, really well,” he added. “Nobody's doing a lot of industries really, really well. But together, we can do that.”