Salem Media Group Inc. has launched a Spanish-language radio station, La Patrona 1680, in the Seattle market, the company announced Thursday.

The Camarillo broadcaster, which specializes in Christian and politically conservative English-language content, announced last month its intention to enter the Spanish-language media business.

As part of its programming, La Patrona will air the daily show “Don Cheto al Aire,” produced by Estrella Media in Burbank. The format will mix Mexican regional music, cumbia and talk.

“We want to bring the best music and content to our Latino community,” Carlos Tovías, program director at La Patrona 1680, said in a statement.

Shares of Salem (SALM) closed Thursday down 41 cents, or 13.7 percent, to $2.58 on the Nasdaq on a day when that market closed up a fraction of a percent.