Burbank City Council has revoked the conditional use permit for Tin Horn Flats, a western-themed bar at 2623 W. Magnolia Blvd., after the bar ignored multiple requests for it to comply with pandemic-related restrictions.

At a hearing earlier this week, the Council ruled that ongoing activity at the bar violates state and local emergency laws and “endangers the public health, safety and welfare, and creates a public nuisance.”

Tin Horn Flats was also cited for operating without a valid health permit. City Council suspended the bar’s health permit in December, then revoked it in January after it kept operating during the suspension.

If the bar continues to do business after the revocation of its conditional use permit, “the city’s only remedy is to file a civil action for an order to physically close the restaurant. Tin Horn Flats would no longer be allowed to operate at this location and a restaurant wishing to open at this location will have to apply for a new use permit from the city,” according to a statement from the city’s public information office.

The bar’s owner Baret Lepejian has fired back at city officials on social media, claiming his business “will not comply” with the city’s order and will remain open.

On the Tinhorn Flats Facebook page, the owner decried the business restrictions but claimed the entire pandemic was a scam designed to promote a liberal political agenda.

“Zero science behind any lockdown. The numbers are a hoax,” the company said in a post. “These are pathetic socialist cowards with zero backbone and zero American Values trying to peddle an illegal agenda.”