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Accounting for The Best

If there is a common trait among the accountants named as the Business Journal’s Top 25 CPAs in the Valley it is that they have gone out of their way to set themselves apart from their peers. Whether through their education or work experience, these accounting professionals carved out areas leading to their success. On its face, the accounting field may not seem glamorous but the honorees have shown otherwise. Take, for example, Lester Knispel who counts among his clients top names in the sports, acting and music worlds. George Nadel Rivin and Nancy Chandler serve clients in the broadcasting industry while Jerry Otchis is unique among the honorees as an accountant who has spent his career in private industry as the vice president of finance and administration with Bobrick Washroom Equipment Co. Clients of Greg Lippe can count on his political ties to help them out in a jam. Their backgrounds are as varied as their specialties. Chandler uses her knowledge of interior design to attract clients from that industry to her firm. Mark Nelson served on the organizing committee for the 1984 Olympics. Kevin Holmes managed a surf shop before taking the advice of his father and returned to school to take accounting classes. Alfred Warsavsky didn’t enter the accounting arena until in his 30s, a move he found beneficial because he was more mature to make it through stressful times. Warsavsky is one of several accountants honored making a name for himself for his courtroom work as an expert witness in marital dissolution, fraud and embezzlement cases. It’s an expertise also practiced by his co-worker Barbara Luna, who compares herself to a financial detective when she delves into documentation to trace lost money. The list includes accountants still in the early stages of their careers, such as Sally Aubry who has spent half of her 34 years in the field and Scott Sachs, who made managing partner earlier this year in the Valley office of Good Swartz Brown & Berns. At the other end of the scale are veterans James Pulsipher, Fred Solomon, Michael Grobstein, Mannon Kaplan, Tony Rose, and Mel Kohn who have more than 200 years of combined experience among them.

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