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Acquisitions Boost National Technical Systems

Citing recent acquisitions along with increases in continuing businesses, National Technical Systems Inc. reported net income spiked 30 percent to $1.7 million or $0.18 per diluted share for its fiscal 2005 year ended January 31. The Calabasas-based company’s revenues increased to $107 million from $104.6 million in the prior year. National Technical Systems’ results included revenues of$3.7 million from the acquisition of DTI Holdings LLC and $531,000 from the acquisition of a telecommunications test laboratory in Calgary, Canada. Revenues also increased in the company’s space, automotive and computer testing business, officials said, offset by the decrease in its fiber optic testing business and a defense-related contract which was completed in fiscal 2004. National Technical Systems, which provides testing, certification and other services for the aerospace, defense, information technology and high tech markets, also said it plans to expand its USB and cable and connector offerings into Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China.

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