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Advanced Protonix Wins $1 Million Missile Program Contract

Advanced Photonix Inc. in Camarillo has been awarded a contract worth more than $1 million for the detector assembly to support the Tube-Launched, Optical-Tracked, Wire Command-link Guided (otherwise known as TOW) missile. The TOW Missile system is used on Bradley fighting vehicles, the Humvee and the AH-1F Cobra helicopter. The missile is guided after launch as long as the gunner keeps his cross hairs on the target. “Advanced Photonix is pleased to receive this contract. We have been supporting the TOW Missile Program for nearly 20 years through a variety of prime defense contractors,” said Paul Ludwig, president of Advanced Photonix. “We are committed to maintaining the highest level of excellence in all our programs that support and protect our armed forces, and we are proud that our detector technology will continue to be utilized in that endeavor.”

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