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Amercian Soil Technologies Signs Distribution Deal

American Soil Technologies Inc., a Pacoima-based manufacturer specializing in technology that decreases the need for water in agricultural products, has entered a dealer agreement with Washington-based Reinke Pasco to distribute the company’s products in the state of Washington. Reinke Pasco is a distributor for Reinke Manufacturing, one of the world’s oldest and largest manufacturers of center pivot and lateral move irrigation systems. Carl Ranno, the president and CEO of American Soil stated in a press release that, “Reinke Pasco is a very experienced distributor of irrigation systems and has the reputation and following necessary to help our company in its distribution of Sircle Saver product to growers using pivot and lateral irrigation systems. The state of Washington has approximately 1.8 million acres of irrigated farmland and Reinke Pasco services a portion of these farms and will promote our newest product, Sircle Saver, used to reduce the maintenance costs while using pivot irrigation systems.”

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