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Bob Hope Airport Installs Chargers for Electric Vehicles

The Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority inaugurated a $1.3 million system of 42 battery chargers for electric vehicles at all 14 airline gates at Bob Hope Airport. Southwest Airlines, which operates almost 70 percent of all airline flights at the airport, has agreed to convert most of its ground service fleet to new pollution-free equipment that would use the chargers by the end of 2005. The airport paid $1.3 million to install the chargers. Charles Lombardo, president of the airport authority said that the airport’s installation and the conversion of the Southwest fleet will put the Bob Hope Airport in the lead of Southern California airports in reducing air pollution from ground equipment. Lombardo said that regional airlines have committed to the South Coast Air Quality Management District that they will convert 30 percent of the ground service fleet to electric power by 2010. The equipment will save airlines money in maintenance and fuel costs, and will produce no air pollution

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