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btl/feb3/22″.sfvbj Politicians reborn Is there life after term limits? Apparently so if you’ve got friends in high places and are willing to take a pay cut. Former California Assemblywoman Paula Boland (R-Granada Hills) who in November lost a state Senate bid after being ousted by term limits has been appointed by Gov. Pete Wilson to the California Narcotic Addict Evaluation Authority, a parole board for drug abusers convicted of felonies. The leader of the Valley secession movement will earn $38,094 a year in her new job quite a bit less than the $75,600 she pulled in each year as a legislator. Meanwhile, former Assemblyman Richard Katz, who led the Democrats in the state’s lower house before being forced out in 1996 by term limits, was named to the California Medical Commission, the state agency that negotiates Medi-Cal contracts with hospitals. Appointing Katz was new Assembly Speaker Cruz Bustamante. Unlike Boland, Katz will not have to suffer a pay cut in his new gig. He’ll earn $75,600 a year the same salary he got as a lawmaker. Ready for takeoff The ultimate in jet-setting status symbols the new $35 million Gulfstream V corporate jet was scheduled to be trotted out at Van Nuys Airport last week. Why was Van Nuys given a higher priority than the airport in mogul-laden Burbank? Perhaps Gulfstream higher-ups thought it was more important to show off the high-flying Gulfstream V to a key current customer none other than publishing mogul Bob Petersen. Petersen Aviation, which operates at the Van Nuys Airport, is said to own a couple of Gulfstream’s previous models and handles a couple of other Gulfstream jets for clients. Not to mention that Van Nuys’ runway is 8,000 feet long 2,000 feet longer than Burbank’s and thus better able to accommodate the latest in flight technology. The new “G-5” seats up to eight passengers (plus crew of four), can fly at altitudes of up to 51,000 feet and has a range of 6,500 nautical miles. Flying southwest out of Van Nuys, that would put you down in Auckland, New Zealand. Vatican mystery Who ever heard of a Roman named Father Doyle? Officials at Burbank-based 1928 Inc. have. Two years ago, 1928, a jewelry manufacturer, was in negotiations with the Vatican to produce a new line of jewelry based on art and artifacts from the Vatican’s vast libraries. The Vatican’s business manager is named Father Doyle, and he wanted a guarantee against royalties. He was a good negotiator, according to 1928 officials. Is Doyle a New Yorker serving time in Rome? Or from Dublin? Or maybe even a prot & #233;g & #233; of our own Cardinal Roger Mahony? “No, he was an Italian,” insists David Sukonik, vice president at 1928. “He is just one of those rarities a man of the cloth with good business sense.” That explains it. Comedy gets ugly There’s trouble on the set at Universal City-based DreamWorks Television, where an ugly spat between actor Arsenio Hall and the executive producer of Hall’s soon-to-debut show reportedly led to the latter’s exit from the project. Hall’s show, which doesn’t yet have a title, is scheduled to appear in the 9:30 p.m. slot Wednesday on ABC. But the departure of executive producer David Rosenthal, who is best known as creator of the hit show “Ellen,” could delay the series’ debut. According to industry trade paper Daily Variety, Hall and Rosenthal got into an argument on the set over the show’s writing and direction. “Hall is said to have made some unflattering remarks about Rosenthal’s anatomy and told him to go write some jokes,” Variety reported. Bargain bagels Studio City-based Jerry’s Famous Deli has thrown its dough into the escalating L.A.-area bagel. But with huge banners in front of each of its restaurants advertising “BAGEL WAR. All varieties 18 cents each,” the deli chain has chosen to distinguish its bagels on the basis of price, not taste. Jerry’s questions all the hype surrounding the round starch. “It’s just flour and water,” said Guy Starkman, director of operations. “We don’t need to charge 60 cents for a bagel it doesn’t really cost that much to make a bagel.”

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